Feb. 2019 Trivia League, Rules   V-3

Hosted By; All About You Entertainment   Powered By; Speedquizzing

Each team will compete with other teams across all of All About You Entertainment’s Trivia events in North East Ohio. There will be a Jackpot Prize for the overall winner and a small Jackpot prize will be awarded to each of the top placing teams at each venue. (The prize at the venue that goes to the winning team, will go to the venues second place team.) League play will not interfere with regular week to week trivia. Teams that sign up for the league will have a separate point system in place to compete over the 11-week program. All points will accumulate over the entire 11-week period, with the lowest score not be counted. (This means that if you can not make it for 1 week, that score of 0 will not to be counted) All scores will be updated on Fridays and will be uploaded on AAYE’s website and at each venue’s onscreen boards (On the day of the trivia)

  • Length of league – 11 weeks
  • Cost to enter – $25.00 (One-time cost) (Per Team, not person)
  • Starts Week of Feb. 4th thru week of Mar. 15th
  • Updated Main jackpot will be online (Fridays) and announced at each venue
  • Venue Jackpots will also be online and announce at each venue!
  • Both Jackpots will grow based on the amount of teams registered for each venue and main.
  • At least one person from the team must be at the show to compete under the name of the team. (Sound-Bites do not matter)
  • You must keep the same trivia team name over the entire league period.
  • Must select one person to be the team caption, this person will be AAYE’s only contact person
  • All 3 Games (Game Format) or all 6 Rounds (Round Format) Must be available to be played.
  • All rounds and games will start on-time, so if we start at 6pm the first games will be at 6pm
  • Not all venues will be able to participate. (Must have full 3 hours available)
  • All league teams will have an (-) in front other their names for league scoring purposes. (Host can Do This)
  • First answer given will be your answer, AAYE cannot fix any mistaken answers, or scores during game.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated, If you are caught looking up answers on another device, you will be disqualified from the league and no refund will be issued. (AAYE May have more then one personnel at events to make sure this is not a problem.
  • Phones that are not on the speedquizing network can not be out with Google, Siri, and or any other search engines up on their screens.
  • Venue will be required to have an active contract from start to finish of league.
  • Each venue must have at least 4 teams in order to participate in the league, If a venue can not make the 4 team requirement, a refund will be made to all team mates!
  • Scoring will be the Best 2 out of 3 Games and the Best 4 out of 6 rounds!
  • Scoring has not yet been finalized, we will keep you posted.


Grand Jackpot – $260.00

Joeys –                                    $45.00

Rollhouse Mentor –             $20.00