Performing your latest beats

DJ Stray (AKA Brandon Stray) Owner / DJ / KJ & Game Show

In April of 2006 at the age of 18 Brandon Stray bought professional equipment from All About Karaoke, and started to DJ as DJ Stray!! DJ Stray performed at events such as big block parties, backyard clambakes and birthday parties. He even performed at some charity events. DJ Stray continually improved based on not only his own ideas, but by suggestions received from his clients. He began to add on to his business and think of new ways to advance himself. He then went to a party hosted by another DJ. The DJ was up on the stage putting himself in the spotlight and making the party all about him. This really annoyed DJ Stray. Hence, the birth of the idea for the business name, “All About You Entertainment!!”

On July 7, 2007, DJ Brandon Stray opened All About You Entertainment!! Because of his success, DJ Stray was able to grow his dream by adding lights and effects to his client’s events. Re-investing his earnings continues to help him grow his business. Furthermore, DJ Stray is now performing as DJ at graduation parties, birthday parties, and engagement parties!! The next year he started to add other businesses to All About You Entertainment to give the client more options to have at their parties. In the winter of 2008, he started to MC big events like conventions and big charity events! That spring DJ Stray took it to the next level and he started offering DJ services to weddings and corporate parties!

In June of 2010 All About You Entertainment filed to become Incorporated. The very next month All About You Entertainment became Incorporated. Now with over 100 events coming in yearly All About You Entertainment, Inc. will surly become one of the top Entertainment providers in the greater Cleveland Area!

In 2015 DJ Stray and AAYE bought out The What ‘Da Ya’ Know Game Show from Y2K Entertainment, and started to host live Game Shows! The Game Shows took off like a rocket, Hosting in many spots around town!!

All About You Entertainment can do so much for your party because, we put the spotlight on you where it belongs. We want to make your event all about YOU – so that you can take credit for hiring the best in the business, Like so many other already have! Your guests will certainly appreciate the level of entertainment and the wide range of music and services provided at your event.