Performing your latest beats

DJ Cal (AKA Brandon Calalesina)

My name is DJ Cal and I’m just starting out as a DJ for All About You Entertainment but you wouldn’t guess it by watching me. I’m very down to Earth and easy to talk to. I’m knowledgeable in rock and metal music but I play all kinds of music and love to play the hits that 90’s kids remember.

I’m only a part-time DJ while I attend college and I’m usually recognized by my white fedora. Customers and their happiness have always been my number one priority. I live for the moments during and after the shows when the customers come up to me and say they want me back.

I’m a gamer in my free time which means I’m a quick learner, always looking for chances to prove myself, and always trying to improve my skills. I’m at my very best every time and you should expect nothing less from me.